You’ll find the perfect plants for your house at our house – our 30,000 square foot Glass House. Whether you want small decorative greenery like ferns to add a touch of nature to a room, or an eight-foot tree to bring drama to a hallway or living area, you’ll find it at The Farm. Choose from a wide assortment of Heirloom Begonias, topiary English Ivy, Orchids, Ferns, Primrose, African Violets, and many more favorites, along with exotic house plants that change seasonally. Our greenhouse is open year round, even on the coldest of winter days you can stop in for a mood lift!

We have the perfect plant for the light conditions and décor of any room. Our selection of indoor plants for your home changes with the seasons, so stop by the greenhouse and let us show you our latest arrivals. Bring in your containers and we’ll help you choose houseplants and even pot and prepare them to make an instant and stunning addition to your home!