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Garden Accents

Garden Accents

Nothing dresses up a garden like a fountain, garden statue or birdbath. From formal, classical motifs to contemporary designs, and from understated to grand, we have a wide range of styles and sizes on display. We have set our garden accents throughout our 32 acres at the Farm, for our own enjoyment, and to help visitors get ideas about how garden accent pieces can transform their settings. Take a walk through our property and discover our diverse collection of stone, metal, concrete, terra cotta and other easy to care materials that can last generations.

Bird Baths & Fountains

Adding a water feature to your outdoor space can truly turn it into paradise. Birdbaths are one of the most magical of garden accents, beautiful in their own right even as they attract the colorful songbirds that make a garden complete. From classic designs to modern interpretations, with pedestal or without, we offer birdbaths in stone, aggregate, bronze, metal and more.

Or you can soothe your senses with the sight and sound of flowing water. Nothing dresses up a garden like a fountain. From formal, classical motifs, to contemporary designs, we have a wide range of garden fountain styles and sizes on display. Complement your birdbath or fountain with coordinated accents for a unique, personalized look to your outdoor space.

Bird Bath

Bronze & Statuary

Garden statuary is among the crown jewels of garden accents. One beautiful piece of garden statuary can dress up your entire garden or yard. We offer sculptures in timeless motifs of wildlife and animals, and the human form, along with intriguing abstract designs. They can be modest, or truly grand and inspiring. We have set garden statuary throughout our 32 acres at the Farm, for our own enjoyment, and to help visitors get ideas about how garden statuary pieces large or small can transform their settings. Take the property walk and you’ll find garden statuary in stone, metal, aggregate, terra cotta, and other easy-care materials that can last generations. You’ll find even more gathered in our garden accents display area.

Bronze garden statuary and bronze garden ornaments are a category of outdoor accents all their own. A fine bronze can provide a focal point for a garden or yard, and create an ambiance or theme that ties the elements together. Our bronze garden statuary and other bronze garden accents are made by skilled artisans, using fine metal casting techniques. From the classical to the fanciful, these truly distinctive bronze garden sculptures will be cherished for generations. And if you have an idea for a unique sculpture you’d like to see in your garden, commission one of the acclaimed metal sculptors we represent to create it for you.

Garden Statues
Bronze Statues
Bronze Statues
Stone Turtle Statue

Trellises & Arbors

Trellises and arbors add classic charm to your garden while letting you introduce new garden plants and new possibilities to your gardening. We have trellises and arbors of all sizes and styles, in wood, metal, composites and more, and climbing plants that love them, including Clematis, Trumpet Vine, and Wisteria.

Trellis & Arbors
Trellis & Arbors

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in container gardening, what do you recommend?

Select a pot or other container and we can plant a beautiful garden flower selection with all the nutrients to make sure your plants stay strong and healthy. We have plants ranging from herbs to trees and annual and perennial garden plants growing in pottery and containers at the Farm. Walk the property and get some ideas on how containers can fit into your garden. You can also place custom orders to have your pots from home planted with exactly the plants and flowers you want. Our gardening experts will help you curate the perfect arrangement, just stop by The Farm!

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