Planting Services


“Call before you dig, or 811, is required by the State of New Jersey to mark all utilities and services from the street to the house. All underground services installed by private or independent contractors must be flagged or notified its location before planting begins. The Farm at Green Village does not assume any liability for damage of underground electrical or irrigation piping. Any damages to these systems are under the homeowners responsibility.”



We would be happy to help you choose trees and shrubs for your landscape, we can even plant them for you!

Farm installation costs 100% the price of the plant being purchased. This price includes delivery, labor, any soil and mulch needed for the job and our 1-year 100% Plant Guarantee.

Feel free to ask any of our salesmen for additional information or call us at 973-377-8703.




Bring in your containers and we will fill them for you! We will help you chose flowers and plants to fit your taste, or you can just give us a color scheme you’re working with. We will have an associate ask you a few questions to determine how much sun your containers will get and whether or not deer are a problem, then we will customize your planters for you.

Costs vary depending on plant choice, container size, labor & time. We can discuss budget with you before we get started.


Is your houseplant growing out of its pot, falling over or starting to look sad? It might be time to upgrade its container. We can help! Bring in your plant and we will help you find the right pot for the job, and if you have the pot already we will be happy to transfer it over for you.

Costs vary depending on size of plant, container, soil needed, labor & time.