Deer Repellent & Netting

We gardeners aren’t the only ones who enjoy our gardens – So do deer and other hungry animal neighbors. Deer damage can vary dramatically from town to town and neighborhood to neighborhood, and the Farm offers more solutions to problem deer, and deer problems than any yard and garden center in the northern New Jersey/New York Metro area. First, we have dozens of species of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, and bulbs for your garden that deer don’t find appealing.

Our netting solutions are quick and simple ways to protect your garden plants and trees from foraging deer. We also have a variety of environmentally friendly (and pleasant smelling) repellants made from all natural, recycled ingredients. Choose spray or granular, for application on garden plants, flowers and trees, or use a perimeter barrier product. Our yard and garden experts can recommend the right approach for your yard or garden. Look, they’re deer, they’re here, so deal with it. With our solutions, you and your deer neighbors can live in harmony. It’s all at the Farm, northern New Jersey’s garden supply company and the #1 choice for garden and nursery need.