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Turn Your Garden Into Paradise

Our great selection doesn’t end with plants. We also have a wide array of pots and containers, soil and soil additives, home decor, garden accents and so much more! Have an idea but not sure how to execute it? Bring in photos of your current set-up, and our experts can suggest products and arrangements to help you cultivate the garden of your dreams.

Looking for Something Else?

It is our desire to help bring life to your garden and your home. Our experts can research any special requests you may have and possibly order them in for you if you cannot find what you are looking for at our 30+ acre garden center.

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Attracting Birds

Our birding section, located by the entrance of the greenhouse, features Wild Delight Bird Food and C & S Suet. You can find a variety of suet and seed to keep your feathered friends happy and full all year long.

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Keeping Away Deer

Our netting solutions provide a quick and simple way to protect your garden plants and trees from foraging deer. We also have a variety of environmentally friendly (and pleasant smelling) repellants made from all natural, recycled ingredients. Our gardening experts can also assist you in choosing species of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, and bulbs for your garden that deer don’t find appealing.

Garden Supplies

Find the perfect plants for your space!

Whether you want colorful perennials, tons of greenery, or easy-to-care-for houseplants, our garden experts will help you find the right combination of plants to suit your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret to keeping a great lawn?

Maintaining a great lawn can be confusing. One secret to a beautiful lawn is the in the timing of each seasonal application of fertilizer and pest control. Our seasonal fertilization program is simple and effective. The first spring application prepares your dormant lawn to wake-up and start growing. While feeding, it also prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating. Late spring and summer applications help your lawn withstand long, hot days while killing the weeds that compete with grass for moisture. Root growth is the target of a fall fertilization program, sustaining the lawn through the winter.

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