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Tree & Shrub Nursery

Our 32 acre location includes a healthy selection of beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowering nursery products. We source our plants from quality growers all over the country, selecting only reliable varieties for our customers. If you are planning a project for your garden/yard, we suggest coming to the garden center with pictures of the area you want to improve (noting measurements and hours of sunlight) and let our professional sales staff assist in selecting proper plants for your needs. The Farm at Green Village can deliver right to you.

The Farm at Green Village Carries A Wide Variety of Trees & Shrubs


Flowering Trees

Japanese Maple

Ornamental Trees

Red Maple

Shade Trees


Flowering Shrubs

Knock Out Rose




Apple Tree




Care For Your Trees

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in container gardening, what do you recommend?

Once you select a pot or other container, we have everything you need to create a container garden, from our immense selection of plants to the supplies that will keep your plants strong and healthy. We have plants ranging from herbs and trees to annuals and perennials. We also carry a large assortment of pots of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Walk around our property and get some inspiration on how containers can fit into your garden. Our gardening experts will help you curate the perfect arrangement – just stop by The Farm at Green Village!

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