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Pottery & Containers

Pottery & Containers

Pottery and containers are as decorative and defining for your garden as they are essential for the health of the garden plant nestled inside. We have pots, urns, troughs, bowls, planters, frost-proof containers and more from leading names including Campania, Border Concepts, Garden Stone and Unique Stone. Select from terra cotta, glazed ceramic, lightweight foam, fiberglass, plastic, molded resin and others. You’ve heard about the “container gardening” revolution. This is what it’s all about. No need to dig and replant or wait for seeds to grow. Select a pot or other container and we can plant a beautiful garden flower selection with all the nutrients to make sure your plants stay strong and healthy.

We have plants ranging from herbs to trees and annual and perennial garden plants growing in pottery and containers at the Farm. Walk the property and get some ideas on how containers can fit into your garden. You can also place custom orders to have your pots from home planted with exactly the plants and flowers you want.

What is Container Gardening?

Container gardening is perfect for those who have limited gardening area. If you only have a balcony or small yard, you can grow flowers, herbs, and even vegetables right in a pot wherever you get some sunlight.

Container gardening can also add versatility to a larger garden. The container you choose can provide an accent or focal point in the garden. A pair of matching containers can be placed along a path or walkway to lead the way or provide a welcoming decoration. Use one large pot with several species of plants inside, or a grouping of various sized pots together to provide accents throughout your home and outdoor area.

Container Gardening
Container Gardening
Container Gardening

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret to keeping a great lawn?

Maintaining a great lawn can be confusing. One secret to a beautiful lawn is the in the timing of each seasonal application of fertilizer and pest control. Our seasonal fertilization program is simple and effective. The first spring application prepares your dormant lawn to wake-up and start growing. While feeding, it also prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating. Late spring and summer applications help your lawn withstand long, hot days while killing the weeds that compete with grass for moisture. Root growth is the target of a fall fertilization program, sustaining the lawn through the winter.

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