Grass Seed & Fertilizer

Bring Your Lawn Care Questions To “The Farm” 

Great Lawns Start With Great Grass Seed

The Farm at Green Village is the destination for all of your grass seed and lawn care needs.  A lush lawn adds beauty and value to your home and gives you a beautiful green carpet on which to enjoy the outdoors.  Achieving a beautiful lawn is also something many homeowners spend hours doing with little success.  We can design a lawn seeding and lawn care program, featuring Jonathan Green products, which will grow a yard full of thick, healthy grass.

A nice lawn starts with a high quality grass seed.  We carry only Jonathan Green seed because we believe that it has the highest quality and best grass seed mixes for our area.  Over the past 25 years, major advances in turf grass breeding have improved grass seed varieties, making them more resistant to drought, weeds, and insect pests.  Jonathan Green lawn seed mixtures contain endophytes which are beneficial microorganisms that reside in the grass root zone and produce chemicals that help the lawn protect itself from harmful insects and fungus.  That means you will need less chemical pest controls and lawn fertilizer for your yard, saving you time and money.


Maintaining a great lawn can be confusing.  One secret to a beautiful lawn is the in the timing of each seasonal application of fertilizer and pest control.  Our seasonal fertilization program is simple and effective.  The first spring application prepares your dormant lawn to wake-up and get growing.  While feeding, it also prevents crabgrass seeds from germinating. Late spring and summer applications help your lawn withstand long, hot days while killing the weeds that compete with grass for moisture.  Root growth is the target of a fall fertilization program, sustaining the lawn through the winter.  In addition to traditional fertilizing programs, we also have a full range of ecologically friendly and organic lawn care products which will also give you great results.