“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” – Oscar Wilde

As summer comes to a close, fall is just around the corner. Here at The Farm the changing of the season means new possibilities for planting and decor. We have compiled lists of plants and seasonal decor that will transform a space into what you want.

Planting for Fall

Looking to go beyond the pumpkin? Planting fall flourishing plants can be the answer, with help from The Farm. We have tips and tricks for planting to help make the transition easier. The colors and textures that fall provides us help keep gardens lush and eye-catching with the right plants. From the mum to the daisy, there is something for everyone to help bring their garden, patio, or doorstep, into the right feeling for fall.


Chrysanthemums, or Mums, are the quintessential fall flower. Mums create the perfect backdrop for fall decor or the perfect punch of color in a garden that is looking for more of the seasonal color changes. Here at The Farm we carry a wide variety of mum colors, including: white, bronze, orange, pink/lavender, red, and yellow/gold.


Blooming from summer to the frost, the rudbeckia, or black eyed susan, is a perfect plant for the garden. With an array of colors The Farm picks them as the perfect choice to liven up a landscape. Rudbeckia love water, but tolerates dry periods, full or partial shade, making them drought and salt tolerant. Deer and rabbit resistant, rudbeckia attracts pollinating insects, butterflies, and birds in the last glimpses of summer.

Ornamental Peppers

Super bold and super colorful, ornamental peppers can be a landscape staple or highlight of an outdoor space with container gardening. Though all ornamental peppers are edible, they are bred to add bright color and personality to a space. Full sun, rich soil, and a well drained planter will help ensure that ornamental peppers will thrive.

Fall Flowering Perennials

Not to be left out, these flowering beauties are ready to brighten up your planting space…

  • Autumn Clematis – Great for fall accents and cut flowers, autumn clematis is a climbing vine with masses of fragrant flowers.
  • Anemone – Flourishing in light to partial shade, anemone’s bring bright colors to a landscape and can spread quickly.
  • Echinacea – Coneflowers, or Echinacea, are adaptable to unique garden conditions and are forgiving in the changing climate of early to late fall.
  • Rudbeckia – So nice, we mention it twice! Rudbeckia are easy to grow and trouble free for the veteran and novice gardener alike.
  • Sedum – Once established, sedum require little care or maintenance and are happy being in partial shade or full sun.
  • Montauk Daisy – With blooms and leaves that can withstand frost, the Montauk Daisy will brighten up a garden well into the fall with its bright yellow and white flowers.

Decorating for Fall

Want to decorate without breaking ground? Seasonal decor is also available at The Farm! Our goal is to set you up with the right items to help boost your curb appeal.

  • Pumpkins – From bright orange to snow white, pumpkins can be a simple but statement making choice when decorating inside and out.
  • Decorative Gourds – Orange, yellow, and green are the traditional gourd colors that can be added to a tablescape. The bright colors and bumpy skin add texture to an otherwise flat surface.
  • Cornstalk Bundles – Corn stalks, jute or twine, and garden shears are all you need to bring a harvest touch into your home.
  • Straw Bales – Want to add height and dimension to your porch or yard? Incorporating straw bales is a creative way to lift up your porch decor to a pleasing height.
  • Decorations – Need something less DIY? We have you covered! In store we have a variety of decorations that are fast and easy to set up. From wreaths to embroidered pillows we have a variety of items that are ready to go into your home today.
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