• Indoor air pollution is “one of the world’s greatest public health risks” according to studies reported in HortTechnology. In fact, indoor “smog” is an even bigger problem than outdoor smog.
  • Unhealthy indoor air with volatile organic compounds, ozone and other pollutants causes serious health problems, cuts into worker productivity and drives up medical costs.
  • What can we do to clear the air? Houseplants provide a cost-effective solution. Houseplants can remove pollutants and return oxygen to the air. They also produce positive, aesthetic effects and boost the well-being of workers.
  • Studies show that most leafy plants are adept at purifying indoor air, but some plants are especially good at removing volatile organic compounds.
  • According to one study, Japanese royal ferns, spider plants, Boston ferns, purple waffle plants, English ivy, areca palms, golden pothos, aloe vera, snake plants, and peace lilies all excel at reducing indoor air pollution.
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