Orchids are well loved, and for good reason, they are beautiful, vibrant, and the epitome of summer. But guess what? Your orchids can still thrive during the colder winter months. As a tropical plant they do prefer hot and humid temps, but we have put together the top tips on keeping your orchids happy right now…

  1. LIGHT. Giving your orchid enough light during the short, and mostly dark, winter days is our #1 tip. The sunniest room in your home may not be the one with the most windows, but that little spot where you notice sunlight is almost always streaming to? That’s the spot! It may not be the final resting place in the summer, but in the winter make sure you mobilize your orchid so it gets enough light during the day.
  2. DRAFTS. Is your orchid by the window? Or in the room with the most used door into your home? This may be damaging your plant. Orchids love warm spaces and drafts cause those gorgeous buds to fall off. Keep them draft free and watch your orchid thrive!
  3. DRY HEAT. Vents and space heaters are a big no-no for orchids. They prefer moist heat, think steamy bathroom, and if you are toasty without your skin feeling dry, then your orchid will be toasty and comfy too.
  4. ROOTS. How are your orchids roots? When you can see if your orchid has dry and gray roots, its time to water! Increasing the amount that you water may be the solution. Or, if you are concerned about your orchid sitting in water, the frequency you water may be key. Also, take a look at the leaves! Just like our skin, orchid leaves will wrinkle when there is not enough moisture to keep them plump and healthy. Your orchid will tell you what it needs.
  5. HUMIDITY. As mentioned before, humidity is the key to an orchids long and happy life. Here are our top ways to increase humidity for your orchid in the winter…
    1. Bathroom – like we mentioned before, a steamy bathroom is a happy place for orchids.
    2. Add a humidifier to the room where your orchid lives.
    3. Make a humidity tray – fill a shallow tray with pebbles and water, then place orchid on top. As the water evaporates it will create a little pocket of humidity that your orchid will love.
    4. Mist your orchid – Orchids will love the mist and it will help keep the leaves and flowers dust free.

So there you have it! Orchids can be a key component to brightening and livening up your home during the winter. They just need some TLC to keep them happy!