Bright window with little to no sun. East facing is ideal, shaded south or west facing are acceptable. Never in direct sunlight.


Above 60°F at night and between 75-85°F during the day is ideal. Night temperatures of 55°F are desirable in Autumn to promote flower spikes.


Thoroughly water and then let nearly dry out. Best if watered only in the morning so that leaves have time to dry out.


Recommended humidity is between 50 and 80%. In the home place the pot on a tray of gravel, but never let the pot sit in water.


Regularly, especially when weather is warm and plant is growing. Bi-monthly applications of high-nitrogen fertilizer (ex. 30-10-10) are appropriate. (High-phosphorous 10-30-20 will promote blooming).


Every 1-3 years, after flowering. Remove all old medium from roots, trim roots, add new medium.

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