As the snowy season approaches we lose the colorful colors and textures of the warmer months, right? No! We have compiled a list of flowers that will bloom even in the dead of winter.

English Primrose

English Primrose – image

Most primroses bloom in the Spring, but the English Primrose will add more life and color to your garden in the winter. Yellow is just one of the many colors available.


Pansy – image

Pansy’s are low growing, long blooming, and come in a wide range of colors. But its safe to say we love deep purple the best.


Snowdrop – image

When planted in the fall, Snowdrops will bloom in late winter. They prefer the protection of trees, shrubs, and rocks.


Winterberry – image

Though inedible, winterberry is the perfect punch of red against a bright snowy landscape. Some varieties bloom small white flowers in the spring.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel – image

A pretty burst of orange and yellow, witch hazel sprouts in the winter and clusters together, not unlike baubles on a Christmas tree.


Camellia – image

With four to six hours of sunlight, camellia can bloom all through winter. Also, look at that color!

Christmas rose

Christmas Rose – image

With protection against harsh winter winds, Hellebore (or Christmas rose) can bloom easily during the dark winter months. The colder north east means that this beauty will bloom in late winter.

Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine – image

Even though winter jasmine doesn’t have the quintessential scent of a spring or summer blooming jasmine, the bright flower itself more than makes up for it.