Shorter days and lower night temperatures are here and that means it’s time to begin fall maintenance on your law. Fertilizing, aerating, overseeding and topdressing are all Fall maintenance routines that should be a part of your lawn’s care.

Seeding is important this time of year because if you have applied pre-emergent crabgrass fertilizer in the spring, it suppresses all seed growth. This time of year is the best opportunity for a thorough overseeding. Colder weather slows down the germination process, so seed now before it’s too late.

Is lime part of your lawn maintenance program?  Lime is essential for proper soil pH. Without the proper pH level, important elements such as copper, zinc, potassium, calcium, and nitrogen. Fertilizer is not a cure-all. Lime allows these elements of fertilizers to interact with your soil and lawn and not go unused.

This is also the time to feed your lawn with fertilizer to prepare for winter. A late Fall fertilizer will provide better winter color, enhanced spring green-up and increased rooting. The Farm at Green Village has a variety of lawn care products to suit your needs.