Looking for a new way to dress up your porch for fall? Here at The Farm we have a step by step guide to help! Everything you see can be purchased at The Farm, plus you can print out this handy list to make it easier to put together a front porch that will add character to your home.


Straw hay bales! Feel free to use hay bales, but straw hay bales are lighter and can be easier to stack. Starting with 4 bales is a great way to make a solid base for your project. That way, there are varying heights for easy layering that adds interest.


Mums! Mums are the quintessential flower of the fall. Mums from The Farm are handled and cared for perfectly so you have a beautiful plant to put on your doorstep. Plus, the variety of colors that they come in is awesome.

We carry red, yellow, bronze/orange, white, pink/lavender, etc. We also carry a variety of heights including 9” and 12”.


Scarecrow! A scarecrow is one of the most “fall like” pieces of decor around. Adding a friendly scarecrow to your front porch adds texture and color. Also, Mr. Scarecrow can be reused next year.


Edible Greenery! Believe it or not, kale is a great decoration for the garden and front porch. The green color is neutral amongst the oranges and reds. Kale is a great accent, and they come in a variety of sizes for larger porch spaces.


Munchkins! Little pumpkins, aka munchkins, are sweet little orange accents that will brighten up your porch. Use the rule of threes when decorating with small pumpkins/gourds – clumping 3 together looks intentional and complete.


Gourds! The texture and gradient color that gourds supply are vital to a great front porch. Stock up and use them on a mantle and dining table too!


Extras! Here we added jack-o-lantern bells and a cute jack-o-lantern bird house. Both can be put away and reused every fall. They are the perfect piece to keep fall decor moving towards Halloween.


All of the items used for this How To can be found at The Farm. When you put together your own Fall Porch Decor, make sure to tag #frontporch and @thefarmatgreenvillage.

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