What is the difference between Annuals and Perennials?2019-11-03T13:23:57-05:00

Annual plants are plants with a life cycle that lasts only one year. They grow from seed, bloom, produce seeds, and die in one growing season. Perennials regrow every spring.

How do I change my hydrangea color?2019-11-02T11:21:21-04:00

Hydrangea color can be changed by adjusting the pH of your soil, but is not an instant change, and not all hydrangeas can be altered.

If you have a big-leaf or mountain hydrangea you can change the color with time but only if it is already blue, purple or pink. If the flowers are white they can not be changed. It may also be difficult if the flowers are an extreme hue to begin with.

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What is the secret to keeping a great lawn?2021-10-22T18:32:07-04:00

Maintaining a great lawn can be confusing. One secret to a beautiful lawn is the in the timing of each seasonal application of fertilizer and pest control. Our seasonal fertilization program is simple and effective. The first spring application prepares your dormant lawn to wake-up and start grow